What’s it like to work at Growth?

What’s it like to work at Growth?

I will be honest. It’s great.

We’re open here. There aren’t too many walls and most doors are open all day long. We know when someone’s kid is in the hospital. We get each others’ jokes. It’s not uncommon to hear laughter echoing throughout the office.

And it’s not an ingenuine kind of bliss that we live in. None of us, by any means, are perfect people. It’s not that we’re never stressed. It’s not there that are never bumps in the road. But, it is that we are committed to a goal and to achieving a specific kind of atmosphere that cultivates motivation, encouragement, personal growth and teamwork and we refuse to waiver from that course.

The Growth culture is everything. It is how and why we work the way we do. Let me walk you through a Monday morning.

As soon as I get into the office, everyone is up on their feet grabbing coffee and smiling.

“Hi! How was your weekend?”

Everyone gets settled in and then we gather for our Monday meeting–which is more like a pump-up session than anything else. But it’s a pump-up session that gets you moving. Personally, every time I walk out of this meeting, I’ve got an action plan. I’ve got at least one feasible improvement point and a plan to get it done. To work harder. To be better. To make a difference in the lives of those immediately around me and those that I serve on a daily basis.

We’re real here at Growth. I felt it from the moment I first walked in these doors.

We surround ourselves with positive, motivating content and people. We laugh and enjoy each day, yet we are focused and always moving forward. That is who we are.

And with that culture, we do make a difference–on a large scale as an organization and on a personal scale as members of the same team. In the end, all we do is about individuals. It’s about causing a change in the hearts and minds of individuals that will propel lives forward and actually change the world.

We truly are the Growth family.

What kind of culture do you strive for in your organization and what are you doing to sustain it?