As a high performance individual who is interested in pushing your game to the next level, you understand the importance of ongoing training. Just like top athletes who train hard so they can play hard, continual work on your personal development is the cornerstone of success. With the live training opportunities and events offered by, you can unlock your fullest potential and continue with your life transformation.

You want only the best, and delivers. Growth Habits brings the legendary radio host Larry King directly to you as he interviews high-performance business, sports, and entertainment experts about the secrets to their success. Learn from those with a proven record of high-level achievement and success so you can apply it to your own personal growth.


Mayim Bialik Live Trainings

Mayim Bialik

Co-Star of the TV Hit The Big Bang Theory

Tony Hawk Live Trainings

Tony Hawk

Legendary Professional Skateboarder

Carl Lewis Live Trainings

Carl Lewis

9 Gold Olympic Track & Field Superstar

Katie Ledecky

5x Olympic Gold Champion, 13x World Champion, 13x World Record Breaker. 4x World Swimmer of the Year.

The Growth Habits Show with Larry King

Success Secrets Of The World’s Top Performers And Achievers, Revealed On Camera!

Each and every month, broadcasting legend Larry King interviews a high-performer from business, sports or entertainment, taking you deep into their private world to discover the secrets behind their success. Don’t miss out… a single nugget of wisdom could help you make the leap to a whole new level!

The Growth Habits Show is for people who…

  • Refuse to settle for “average”
  • Desire greater happiness, success and abundance
  • Want their life to make a difference!

Growth Habits: Larry Fitzgerald Larry Fitzgerald

Larry Fitzgerald

The holder of 16 individual NFL wide-receiver records, Larry Fitzgerald has routinely dominated the competition every time he’s stepped foot on a football field. What’s his secrets to being such a “man amongst boys” in the toughest team sport in the world? How did Larry maintain focus after his Mother tragically passed away right before he was drafted into the NFL?

Find out when Larry meets Larry on the next can’t-miss episode of Growth Habits!

Growth Habits: Meryl Davis and Charlie White

First Ever U.S. Olympic Gold Ice Dancers

2014 Sochi Olympic Gold Medal Ice Dancers Charlie White & Meryl Davis at the top of their sport NOT returning to competition at the 2018 PyeongChang, Korea Winter Olympics.

Find out why in this exclusive interview on The Growth Habits Show.

Time is the truest test of any relationship, and the U.S. ice dancing team of Meryl Davis and Charlie White know better than anyone how the strongest partnerships don’t just appear overnight. Paired in 1997, the acclaimed duo is the longest-running ice dancing partnership in the history of United States figure skating.

Live Training Event

At live training events such as the annual Growth Summit, you can learn directly from some of the world’s leading experts in their fields. We know your time is valuable, so we plan every moment of the event to optimize your time while giving you the tools you need for self-improvement. Networking with other high performers who are ready to live life fully charged will also help you find the motivation you need to obtain the success you desire.

Live Webcasts

With the GrowthCasts, you can watch videos or listen to the words of leading experts in their fields as they discuss the keys to success and personal development. Whether you sit down to watch a GrowthCast at the end of your day or you optimize your time by listening to one while running errands, the wisdom you gain will help you achieve the self-development you desire.