Just Trust

Just Trust

Whether you’re the boss or still working your way up, there’s one tool that can increase or decrease your productivity and the quality of your work drastically.

The ideal workplace is a place where the visionary leads and the team follows. A team made up of employees that were chosen for their character and experiences.

So what is the oil in the works? It comes down to one word.


There is a strong correlation between trust and quality of production. Think about it this way.

If a manager does not trust employees, two things happen.

  1. Employees begin to lose trust in themselves, their ideas and their ability to do their jobs well. The begin to shrink away from self initiation, asking questions, pointing out issues in the works and proposing ideas.
  2. The manager begins to take the entire load of work onto him or herself–afraid that it might not get done the right way. This leads to overwhelm and burn out.

And if trust is lost the other way around, the manager is no longer trusted and employees have no motivation or true sense of direction. Are you beginning to see the issue here?

This is the recipe for corporate stagnation.

When leaders are able to take their baby of a goal and pass it into the arms of a committed, trusting team who accepts it and trusts the vision and method of their leader, the impossible can be achieved.

Comment some team trust-building ideas below to help out your fellow high performers.