Eight Common Mistaken Beliefs About Personal Development

it wont be easy

Eight Common Mistaken Beliefs About Personal Development

Some people have a wrong impression about personal development. They fail to understand its strong impact in making them successful and being happy and satisfied. They stick to what they are and evade improving themselves. What is even worse is they avoid listening to someone who tries to help them, thinking that this person is only up to taking what makes them happy.

Remember what Thomas Jefferson once said: “If you want something you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.”

Listed below are a few misconceptions that most people have about personal development:

  • It is temporary.

Self-motivation can be temporary because some individuals are not highly self-motivated. The lack of supervision can make you lose interest to continue with what you have started. The success to achieve personal growth is more fruitful if you have someone who pushes or motivates you to endure.

  • It is only positive thinking.

A few people see positive thinking as an essential aspect of personal development while others see it as unnecessary. Depending on your situations, some standards of personal development advise you to think radically, critically, and negatively. Personal growth does not attempt to make you someone you are not. In fact, it lets you manage yourself by attempting to improve all areas of your life.

  • No one really changes.

Unfortunately, some people believe that nothing will change in their lives. They are trapped to thinking that what they are today will stay because of fate. This is a very wrong misconception by many. If things didn’t work out for someone, it is because they chose it. It does not mean it will happen to you, too. It is only you who can take charge of the changes in yourself, and guide and improve it. You need to be sincere in your attempt to change, though.

  • It is a distressing struggle filled with hardships and pain.

Contrary to what most believe in, personal growth is not a struggle. People quit because they feel that personal development involves more pain and hardships. It is true that there are times when it will test or get you out of your comfort zone, but doing nothing is more painful than taking action. The anxiety, depression, and guilt are more devastating if you quit.

  • People will eventually go back to their own selves and ways after several years of conditioning and habit.

Thinking big can lead you to nowhere. Think small first, as these small changes have a major influence in improving your quality of life. Personal development is not about changing your conditioning. It is about being mindful of conditioning yourself and using it to empower you.

  • It is for the aggressive and determined.

Everyone needs to have something to strive for, something that energizes and motivates us. Not being rich or powerful does not mean you have given up on striving for something. Surely, there are other things that you desire or wanted to achieve. Find something that makes and keeps you enthusiastic and excited. It could be engaging in humanitarian efforts, starting a small business, or developing the artist in you. All of us need to find and put meaning in our lives. Those who found that compelling purpose that makes them passionate are what defines the aggressive and determined individuals.

  • The efforts on personal development outnumber the benefits.

How can you measure the benefits versus the effort? How can you say that you put so much effort into something? Putting effort is always present like on keeping a relationship, staying in your job, and even on spirituality? Businessmen put so much effort into building their business. They have to go through so many problems for their business to survive and be successful. Can any businessman know the benefits they have invested are worth the effort if the business is a failure within a span of five years?

  • Personal development programs are fundamentally about sharing the same rationale or common sense, which is “truth.”

Personal growth programs provide huge amounts of knowledge and wisdom. They teach you the “truth” and experience the truth from several various viewpoints or aspects. The truth is different for everybody. The willingness to understand someone else’s truth is the groundwork for personal growth.

The depth or complexity of any truth is endless. That is why the study of personal growth is massive. Personal development is when you discover a truth for yourself that adds greater value to your life. You should learn to study things and see the truth behind what you see instead of how you see things.

Stop counting your efforts. Ask yourself if it is worth putting effort for your life? Will personal development improve your current situation or your life?


if you want something youve never had

It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.” – Odyssey

You need to invest to improve your quality of life, which includes energy, time, and money. Once you are willing to capitalize on these, you will reap the fruits of success and can use them in helping other people improve their lives, which is the core of personal growth.

Personal development will ultimately lead to your greatest feelings of triumph, fulfillment, enjoyment, confidence, and self-worth. It allows you choose to live a happier and fuller life!