Creating the Right Mindset to Achieve Your Goals

It's never too late

Creating the Right Mindset to Achieve Your Goals

“It’s never too early to start making plans. It’s never too late to start making changes.”  – Dallas Clayton

The reason you do not achieve your goals is that you allow it to happen in your life.  You lose concentration because you failed to recognize what is important, and wonder what keeps you busy.

How to Achieve Your Goal

To achieve your goal, whether it is a small or a big one, you need to create a plan, develop a scheme on how to do things correctly, and maintain this setup. Similar to any business organization where it must evaluate on what resources to focus on for best return of investments, you, too, must evaluate whether the things you do really help in attaining your goal.

Your mind is a fascinating thing. It can create thoughts and take actions on those thoughts to produce something marvelous. It can direct your thoughts to create the results you wanted even if these are difficult.

During childhood, your mind is more often occupied with learning, for which you gather knowledge and experience. You will reap the rewards of education only if you keep the bigger picture in mind and apply the knowledge and experience to your work. If you don’t, then you are far from attaining your goal.

Achieving success is not exclusive to the rich or to the lucky individuals. To attain your goal, you need to create the right mindset. It requires focus, dedication, and most of all, setting up the right framework.

Make a Plan to Achieve What You Want

Farmers, before planting any seed, think of what they wanted to grow. Once this is done, they prepare the land first before planting a seed. They make sure that the ground is ready to take that particular seed. They know that every seed requires a different ground to grow. For example, if they plan to grow corn, they would prepare the soil so it will grow healthy corns. They also include the other items necessary to grow corn, such as sunlight, nutrients, and moisture.

This concept is the same in any kind of business. If you are a furniture retailer, you will research about your target customers first, after which, you will think about what they want and need. Lastly, you will evaluate how to deliver and fulfill these wants and needs. If you do not do these, there is a great possibility that you will not be able to attain your goal of serving your customers well and to succeed in your business.

To achieve your goal, you need to make a plan.

  • Make a list of your goals. Identify which do you want to achieve first.
  • Make a to-do list that will help you attain this goal. When you have finally achieved this first goal, proceed with the second one.

Condition Yourself to Achieve Your Goal

“Promise yourself that no matter how hard it gets youll never give up on your dreams. “  – Kumuduni Kumari.

As mentioned, a human brain is superb. Once you set your mind to producing actions, these actions will bear excellent results.

Here is a good example. A graduate of computer programming juggles between two jobs. With the tough competition in this field, his friends gave up looking for a job related to their course and took up other jobs instead. This guy, however, insisted on looking for a job that will utilize his skills. Unlike his friends, he wakes up early, prepares himself, dresses up, as if going to the office. He checked LinkedIn and other job postings and made a list of companies that would need his knowledge, skills, and experience on a spreadsheet. He tweaked his resume using his social channels and emails. He made use of his phone to give out more resumes. He spent his time after lunch in updating and improving his skills. He reviewed his spreadsheet before 5:00 pm, reached out to a few more, and made a list of to-do things for tomorrow. He did this each day for a month and soon after, he was able to have a job suitable for his skills. He was able to achieve success by keeping a mindset of “looking for the right job and taking action.”

Time is Essential to Achieving Something of Value or a Goal

Money does not play an important role in achieving one’s goals. Your goals have value so they are important to you. They are directly connected to the idea and hard work that you invest in them. Your fulfillment is greater if your investment is more in thought and time. Thus, whether your goal is to be healthier, have a better relationship with your family (spouse or children), learn a new skill or language, make sure to invest big!

Keep a Positive Attitude

Life is full of trials. Without it, life would be boring. Don’t allow this to weaken your conviction. Keep a positive mind and attitude. Let positive thoughts flow freely so you can stay focused and achieve better results.

Surround yourself with positive people. Keep positive thoughts in your mind and let these run through your system to stay focused and attain your goals in life. A positive mind is the key to overcome difficult and trying situations. Remember, you are what you conceive you are in your mind. You can stay in this state or change your thoughts to become a better person!