3 Ways to Take Advantage of Back to School Season

3 Ways to Take Advantage of Back to School Season

And just like that it’s back to school season all over again.

Maybe it’s your kids back in school or maybe it’s you. Maybe you’re a teacher. Whatever it is, this means change. This means a new start. Always take advantage of a new start. It’s the perfect opportunity to grow.

Here are three ways to take advantage of the back to school change:


Routine and Attitude

If you have to get up and out the door a little earlier to help your kids get ready and out the door, take the opportunity for a morning attitude change. Maybe last year you had to drag your kids out of bed which made you frustrated and irritable for the rest of the day. This year, start off the day with a new mantra of choice. Say it to yourself, meditate a bit, wake your kids up with a smile. Get them on the positivity train, too. Turn on some music or a podcast to kick start your day.

Whatever that new, positive routine change might be, lock it into your morning routine and get the day started out right.


Make a Goal

Why do we feel like New Year’s Day is the only day we can start working on something? A year might seem measurable and like enough time to accomplish something significant (such as lose weight), but sometimes it’s so long that we allow ourselves to fall, thinking that we still have tomorrow. And then we end up failing.

A school year is shorter and a semester is even shorter than that. When you can actually see a deadline on your calendar without having to scroll for several minutes, you feel more urgency to complete it and it feels less overwhelming. You know you have to make a goal that can realistically be achieved within the span of a few months.


Learn Something New

If you’re taking a class, take full advantage of it. Don’t just do it to check it off your list, but learn it, love it, apply it.  Teach it to others to really solidify it. If you’re not taking a class, consider taking one.

If your kids are the ones in school, brush up on their class subjects online on your own and then help them with their homework. High five for being an involved parent!

If you feel that neither of those situations are applicable to you, do you have a specific skill that others might want to learn? Get involved in your community and teach a class. Meet new people and make connections you may not have ever considered while serving others and strengthening your own skills.


Change is good. Change is opportunity. Don’t let this school year turn into another year of a repetitive cycle. Do something that will increase your joy and fulfillment. Serve others. Challenge yourself. Whatever it is, get excited about it and don’t lose that fire.

Your kids might be growing up, you might be getting closer to finishing school, you might feel like your life has become a repetitive sitcom. Whatever it is, change is good! Embrace it with open arms. Run to it! Get back to school and kill it!

You got this.