Want To Achieve More?

Don’t Let Yourself Fall Into This Trap

This video has such a profound concept in it that EVERY person (not just entrepreneurs) should watch immediately.

Dean quotes Dan Sullivan on his idea of falling into “the gap.”

Falling into the gap is something we’ve all done. Not only does it keep you stuck where you are, but it also beats the crap out of your confidence.

To fully understand this concept, you’ll need to watch the video where Dean draws out a visual. But we’ll summarize as best we can with this:

When you’re on the road to personal and professional development, you create this version of yourself in your head that we’ll call your “ideal you.”

Your ideal you is absolutely perfect in every area. You are a perfect spouse, have perfect health, are a perfect parent, have perfect amount of wealth, have a perfect house, etc.

This ideal you is impossible to achieve. It’s like chasing the horizon… you just can’t catch it.

With the ideal you version of yourself… there’s also a current version (you now) and a past version (past you).

When you fall into the gap, you’re constantly looking ahead at the ideal you. Every time you accomplish a new goal in the present (you lost 10 lbs, got a raise at work), you look at the ideal you and think, “Yeah great but we still don’t own the perfect house.”

Our brains always slide to what’s lacking instead of all of the amazing things that surround us. Our minds are focused on what we don’t have; we’re always comparing ourselves to that “ideal version” or to someone else that we think is perfect in a certain area.

This is how we fall into the gap.

You start the comparison game and then fall into this place where you feel destitute and hopeless and not good enough.

We all do it. At every level of success, there’s always more that we want to achieve.

So it’s not necessarily about learning how to stop falling into the gap, but instead about learning how to get out of it FASTER.

In the video above, Dean will share the FOOL-PROOF strategy to get yourself out of the gap ASAP.

This exercise will instantly put you in a state of gratitude for this exact moment. It will give you hope and reassurance that when the future does get here, you’ll ATTACK IT!

Watch this video and share with your friends so you can help spread this feeling of gratitude and FIRE to continue growing and succeeding!