Positive thinking = Positive situations

Positive Thinking Overcomes Negative Situation

As we sit to think about what we will write about this week we remembered a story in our Monday morning meeting from our Director of High Performance Coaching that she was telling the team about her weekend!

Moving here from Canada she hasn’t had a chance to get out an plan her favorite sport; tennis! However last weekend was different because she was invited to play tennis with a friend.

She was a little rusty however after a few sets her and her friend decided to play a match. She was trying sooooooo hard that she stopped at one point and realized she was losing.

The realization something is not right!

Just picture someone who lives their life striving to be a high performer in everything she does, realizing that she was off her game. It was a very uncomfortable feeling BUT instead of conceding the match she stopped to think about what was different in her life at that moment.

What was she thinking?  

Was she rusty from not playing tennis for months? Why am I not performing at my fullest potential?

It couldn’t be! Lauren stopped to realize that she started to over think everything, every hit, every strategy, every move, instead of just playing like she knew how!

She started to get frustrated that her strategy wasn’t working and she was making mistakes. She started to get down on herself.

What was different?

Lauren took the time to realize that she has let something knock her off her game and by correcting the negative thoughts with positives she was back in the flow that she knew!

Before she knew it; she WON!!! It all made sense to her now! She turned a negative into a positive through her mindset. She decided that she was going to be more positive and focus on having fun instead of “trying too hard”.

Positive Vibes

Remember, everyone welcomes positivity, thus, when you have positive vibes to share, it draws people toward you but when you have negative vibes to share, it warns them to be away from them.

Your smile, hug, happiness, affection and appreciation attracts people in a positive way while your criticism, disagreement grievances, complaints and blame push people away from you and knock them down. It makes others feel insecure, ignored, criticized, irritated, or depressed.

 10 Things to Say to Yourself or Others to Generate Good Feeling:

  1. YES!!!: Who doesn’t like to hear positive response on something? ‘Yes’ emphasizes acceptances but gives negative feeling when combined with words like ‘If” & “But”.
  2. I AGREE: ‘I agree’ shows an agreement with others saying, emotions, view and feelings. It generates good feeling and makes the people around you happy.
  3. I APPRECIATE: Appreciation is the way to reward someone for a good deed, quality, gesture or words. ‘I appreciate’ spreads positive vibes to the people around you.
  4. THANK YOU FOR: ‘Thank you’ is the perfect way to politely acknowledge a gift, gesture, service and compliment or to accept or refuse an offer.
  5. I LIKE (LOVE, ENJOY): ‘I like’ is a way to acknowledge appreciation and show attraction towards someone or something. It definitely pleases the one whom it is said to.
  6. THAT MAKES SENSE TO ME: “That Makes Sense To me” shows perception and recognition, which obviously everyone looks for.
  7. I’M PLEASED (HAPPY, DELIGHTED) THAT: ‘I am pleased’ signifies others of your happiness and delight. It is said, happiness is a flower that spreads its aroma around. So, say happy words, be happy and keep the people around you happy!
  8. GOOD! (GREAT! WOW! COOL!): Appreciating someone while saying ‘Good’ is a perfect way to acknowledge his excellence. Why not do it today and generate good feeling in the people around you?
  9. HOW…? WHAT….?: These questions , if asked correctly, convey warmth and positive tones to the other person. Ask them politely and spread happiness around. Ask yourself these questions too!
  10. POSITIVE NON-VERBALS: Positive non-verbal words can be more effective than all the above mentioned.  The tone of your voice, a smile, eye contact, hand shake or even a simple hug can generate good feelings.

The more positive vibes you send people, the more will they feel appreciated and will appreciate you in turn. While overdoing of everything is bad and looks artificial but generally, people find positive people to be more ‘warm ‘and ‘appropriate to share things with’. Let us have a look at the various things that you can say and generate good feelings to the people around you.

Be Positive not only to yourself but to those around you as well! You just never know what happy ending may come!

Comment below to let us know what you do to help generate positive vibes around you! We would love to hear your stories how you changed a negative to a positive!!!

Share with everyone and anyone you know who needs some positivity into their lives!!!

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