Planning and Scheduling: 7 Tips to Improve Your Skills

How to Enhance Scheduling and Planning Skills

Handwritten planners, journals, chalkboards and post-its are just a few of the tools we use to survive with our busy schedules. When modern technology came, we have more advanced gadgets like phone apps, electronic calendars, PDAs, electronic organizers, palm pilot and similar things. Both proved to be useful but without the proper scheduling and planning skills, everything can still go wrong.

At present, we live in a society that follows structured schedules to be productive. However, most of us are not used to checking several calendars to carry on with our daily demands.

Striking a balance between structured and flexible time is possible once you have developed excellent scheduling and planning skills. The good thing is that, it’s never too late to improve your scheduling and planning skills.

Why is scheduling and planning important?

 Scheduling is learning how to plan your activities to achieve your goals. Planning, on the other hand, is the process of creating plans particularly in setting up of goals.  With proper scheduling and planning, you can accomplish your priorities in your available time to finally attain your goals.

Tips to improve scheduling and planning skills

  1. Push yourself to plan.

    Pushing yourself means taking the challenge and accepting it. Once you push yourself, you force yourself to coexist with what is ahead. First, think of what you need to do, the things you have assigned yourself to accomplish and everything you wish to do. It is the simple thought and proactivity that will help you develop good planning skills. Failure to plan means setting yourself to fail by default.

  2. Stick to a schedule.Interruptions make you unfocused that lead to unfinished work. On the other hand, sticking or following a schedule allows you to do things as planned.
  3. Identify your available time.Set the time you are available to work. The amount of time you spend at work indicates your personal goals and the design of your job.
  4. Plan about your time.Plan not only for today but also for tomorrow and tonight. Look forward to the order of activities you need to do each day to achieve your objectives. Plan for the whole week. Decide how you will arrange the important projects.
  5. Plan by writing.Get a pen and paper, laptop, or PDA to capture or store your thoughts. You miss out or lose some if you will just mentally keep them. Writing your ideas will help you to reference and use them during the planning process.Write the complete plan in consecutive order. Then list down the activity steps one-by-one on small pieces of paper and arrange the pieces of paper in chronological order.
  6. Know what to prioritize.List the important things you need to accomplish today in ascending order. Knowing what to prioritize is necessary in obtaining our personal goals.
  7. Schedule and plan for extra time.  
    “No matter how small you start, START something that matters.”  — Brendon Burchard, Co-Founder Growth.comSet some extra time to deal with emergencies and chance happenings. You need more contingency time if you have an unpredictable job. This extra period prevents you from working beyond your time.If you don’t use a planner already here are 3 ways you can enhance your scheduling and planning skills.

    1. Start by identifying your three big important projects. Next, make a list of the things you must do for each project to move ahead.
    2. Think of the people you need to associate with. This should include the people you need to meet and those you need to wait something from for the projects to advance.
    3. Focus on your Priorities. This includes your to-do list that must be accomplished within the day. Finish “your priorities” first before you get tangled doing other things like social media, emails and so on.

Improving your scheduling and planning skills helps you attain the things you want to finish in a day, week or month.  It keeps you on track in accomplishing your goals.

Comment below and let us what types of planners or scheduler tools you use to increase your productivity!! 

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