Motivation: 5 Easy Tips to Invigorate Yourself and Zap Up Laziness

while feeling lazy is normal

Laziness is a habit that you can allow occasionally but not all the time. Once you allow laziness to rule, it can totally engulf you and ruin your entire life.

What contributes to laziness? Tiredness, loss of interest, and apathy are some of the factors that drive a person to be idle. When this happens, you end up just sitting, sleeping, or doing nothing all day—making you unproductive. The scariest thing about allowing laziness to engulf you is when it becomes a habit.

while feeling lazy is normal

While feeling lazy is normal, it is important to know when to put a stop to it. There are three types of laziness: 

  1. putting off things for the next day
  2. working yourself to exhaustion and ending up avoiding accomplishing anything
  3. unmotivated where you feel drained and lack energy although you know there’s a need to do or finish something

Most people have experienced feeling lazy that can actually be draining and depressing. Feeling lethargic doing even the simplest and smallest task becomes tiring and challenging to most of us.

Pushing yourself to do something in spite of not having energy takes courage. How should you do it? How do you switch on your energy levels so you get motivated to accomplish things? Let’s find out!

How to Put Zip Into Yourself         

1.  Organize the things you need to do.

Think small first. Make a list of what you wanted to do and accomplish. Start with something simple. Drowning yourself with so many things that you wanted to do is draining and you get lost in them until you find yourself not achieving anything.

List down two or three things that you wanted to accomplish. This can include honing your singing, acting, or learning how to play a guitar. Choose which should come first. Put them in order. Once you’ve made a list, set a goal of accomplishing the first task on your list within a specific time. Focus and work hard on it. Move on to the second task after you have finished the first task.

By setting two or three simple tasks to achieve at a time helps you to reach your goals. Soon, your energy levels will pump up stimulating yourself to continue.

 laziness is nothing more than a

2.  Find time to exercise.

“Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired.” Jules Renard

Exercise is the easiest method to beat laziness. Inactivity can make your body weak and sluggish. Having an active life through exercise will pump up those energy levels so your body will be burning with stamina. The lack of exercise leaves your body feeble and slow-moving. Start an exercise regimen and you will feel motivated and will have the energy to push yourself to achieve things.

3.  Take a break.

Find time to relax and enjoy the things you love to do. This is different from being lazy. Sometimes, all you need is to stop and move away. This does not mean abandoning what you need to do. Taking a break gives you time to gather your thoughts and refresh your mind and body. When your mind is full of things that you need to do, the less you would be able to achieve. By taking a break, you free your mind and body of stress and worry.  

Having a “ME” time will help you find yourself — renewed and satisfied. Contemplate and reflect on things, as these will keep you inspired.

4.  De-Clutter.

Keep your home organized and free of clutter. A messy surrounding contributes to laziness and demotivation. Re-arrange your furniture, particularly your work area. Remove items you do not need. A cleaner and clearer space helps you think better. It also makes you feel lighter.  So you get encouraged to be active and be more productive.

5.  Let positivity rule your brain.

People have their own internal conversations. Observe how these internal conversations affect you. Are you putting in more negativity or positivity in your thoughts? The conversations that you put in your mind let you adopt a certain emotion. They affect the way you think, feel, and see things. They also affect the way you breathe, stand, and react to situations.

Tony Robbins, one of the famous motivational speakers in the world, states that you need to take an attitude to feel enthusiastic and ecstatic.

Instead of thinking “this will be a long, difficult day,” channel your thoughts by telling yourself, “thank you for a wonderful day. This will be another good day for me to enjoy and have fun!” Put your chin up, straighten your posture, and smile. This is enough to get you energized!

People put in a number of thoughts in their minds. If you put in 90% positive thoughts, think how your life would be better! Your inner conversations have a big effect on how motivated or lazy you can be, as well as on where you are today and where will be in the future!

Basically, the above tips are easy ways to invigorate yourself and keep you motivated.  By constant practicing and being mindful of them, you are putting yourself to a better level of motivation.  Use them to accomplish your tasks and you’re on the right track towards your success. You will see the progress each day of your life!

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