Grit: The Product of Passion and Perseverance

Do you encounter troubles accomplishing things in life? Are you disrupted by obstacles more often than what you really want? Then start using more grit.


Grit is an excellent combination of two outstanding traits: passion and perseverance. Passion means you are consistent with your goals done within a long period of time. Perseverance, on the other hand, is your ability to defeat failures through hard work.  Grit allows you to finish things you have previously started and it’s also grit that separates high achievers from those who are not.

It’s not all about IQ when finding the huge difference between the lowest and highest performers in school.  In fact, many below average students are considered the smartest.  Therefore, students can really excel in school as long as they persevere and work hard on their studies. If students put their best efforts and time in their studies, they can graduate in school—whether they’re talented or not.

While talent and IQ are very important and are associated with success, don’t make a mistake. Your IQ and talent are not enough factors in achieving great things in life. It’s true, a lot of talented people feel uncomfortable fulfilling their commitments. But if you combine talent with hard work, that’s the only time your talent can lead to success.  If you’re not talented, developing grit will surpass people who are granted with more abilities but do less work.

Grit has nothing to do with talents, although people always consider talent as a huge factor of success. Instead, grit is the top factor that determines the level of success.

Why is Grit important?

According to Professor Carol Dweck of Stanford University, the belief in your ability to get things done and your will power to conquer hardships are the secrets to developing grit.  Dweck’s developed this concept which she called “growth mindset.” She explained that the ability to understand things is not permanent and the lack of ability to change can motivate people to go on and persist in life after they failed.

Grit in Parenting  

For parents, the best parenting technique comes from being challenging and supportive. If you’re a parent, start spending time with your kids. Listen to them and discover their perspective. You can also create high goals for your children, motivating them when they fail and encouraging them not to give up.

Other Professions

Grit applies to almost all types of professions: education, military, sales, sports, trainings, etc.  In all these different fields, one specific thing has come out as a significant analyst of success. It’s not the looks, IQ, talent, or health, but grit!

How did grit become a great character that makes a big difference in success?

TED talk has featured Psychologist Angela Lee Duckworth to discuss about grit which has impacted thousands upon thousands of people’s lives globally.  Duckworth has made an in-depth research to really understand the meaning of success from a range of fields and professions.  The result of her studies is precise: talent minus passion and perseverance is failure. Those who demonstrated potentials may even fail prior to showing the manifestations of their complete potentials. Great achievers may fail to show off hard work but if they persevere enough, they will reach the peak of success.

Grit is achievable and anyone who perseveres and has passion can develop grit.

Check out Angela Duckworth’s TED talk here!

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