Brain Exercise:  Directing Your Brain to Positive Thinking

once you replace negative thoughts

Positive thinking promotes internal vibrations making you more efficient to perform the things you want to do. However, maintaining a positive attitude every day can be too difficult. There are unexpected events that will happen to you making you weak and frustrated.  Also, negative people are all around trying to bring the worst in you. But there is always an answer against all these things.

5 Brilliant Ways to Cultivate Your Brain to Positive Thinking

1.  Demonstrate Positivity to Feel It.

Remember Paul Aster’s – “Good begets good; evil begets evil…”? Kindness makes you feel good and makes other people happy as well. A smile, a simple hello, a lending hand or even a small favor you give can lift your mood.  It allows you to see the bright side that has a great impact on your psyche.

Practice kindness, compassion and generosity, then everything will come naturally. Bad emotions like anxiety, feeling low or hopelessness will gradually disappear and attacks of pessimism or negativity will diminish slowly.

2.  Take Care of Your Physical Well-Being.

Food, drinks, sleep and other activities have a great impact on your emotional well-being. Go in front of a mirror and take a hard look at your body. Ask yourself what part of your body you would like to improve. Once you have identified these, start a regimen to improve those areas.

The food you eat plays an important role on how you look. Are you eating the right foods needed by your body and brain? The lack of nutrients, vitamins and minerals hamper your body’s development. They also contribute to foul moods, anxiety, depression and negativity.

Sleep is another essential element to having a good mental state. Each night, your physical body craves for sufficient amount of rest and sleep.  Doctors recommend getting 8 hours of sleep every night. Lack of sleep or inadequate amount of sleep increases bad neurons that contribute to bad emotions like hostility, anger, pessimism and even low self-esteem.  In contrast, giving importance to your physical well-being will produce a better mental and emotional state.

Exercise, yoga and meditations are also great boosters to having a positive outlook.

live life to the fullest

3.  Know What Makes You Happy in Order to Live.

“Live life to the fullest and focus on the positive.” Matt Cameron

Set your mind to think of things that will make you happy or will bring you joy. Get a notebook or a diary and list 5 things to do that will make your day more rewarding. Use the notebook or diary for that purpose only.

Consider various categories, such as nature that inspires you, interactions, relationships that make you happy or even qualities that make you confident and proud. Concentrate on being cheerful to invigorate the neural pathways in your brain. Being able to do this will help you feel happy and cheerful in the midst of life’s problems.

4.  Allot Specific Time to Do What You Love and Enjoy.

Work, home and social responsibilities can fill your life.  If you allow this to happen, you will become like a robot doing many things because you have to. Find time in your busy schedule to do some things that you love and enjoy.  For instance, set time to walk in the park, bike, read a book, listen to classical music or do art activities that bring out the best in you.

Always be a person who is proactive.  Spend one hour each day to do what interests you without any interruption from other duties. Learn to say “no” to other commitments so you can do it on a consistent basis.  Surprisingly, you’ll be thrilled how things are going to work in your life.

5.  Twist Pessimism to Optimism.

Allow positive things by letting go of negative things. Teach your brain to think of the good side of any tough situation. You have to do this purposely, challenging yourself consciously to see the bright side of a difficult experience.

For example, you’ve worked hard to get that promotion but you didn’t get it. Acknowledge that something far better than the promotion awaits you. Stop blaming yourself for any failures, but instead look for a specific thing to make it a learning experience.  Attempt to alter disappointments into favorable circumstances. If you didn’t get that promotion or you failed in a job interview, find out what you can do to be productive and creative.

Once you learn how to convert defeats into opportunities, your brain will be able to do greater things instantly. When your brain starts to receive positive vibrations, positive thoughts will become easier, leading yourself to enjoy a more positive outlook of life!

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