7 Steps to Building a Growth Mindset

A mindset greatly affects a person’s image, their personality and most importantly, their success.  Psychologist Carol Dweck has spent her career researching how one’s idea of achievement and success can affect the mind creating a fixed or growth mindset.

A mindset refers to how a person sees or perceives himself both on the personal and professional aspects. For example, a person thinks that he/she is dependable, strong and intelligent while another thinks he/she is unreliable, weak and not intelligent.

Fixed Mindset vs. Growth Mindset

There are two types of mindsets:  Fixed and Growth. A person with a fixed mindset is more likely to seek for confirmation or proof. Thus, always want to prove themsleves.  A fixed mindset tends to make one anxious and susceptible to criticisms and disappointments. On the other hand, a person with a growth mindset, tends to be competent and aim to achieve knowledge obtaining a higher level of confidence. There is a belief that one is capable of learning, developing and cultivating great personal qualities and takes failures and mistakes as learnings.

Building a Growth Mindset

Here are 7 strategies to help overcome a fixed mindset and start nurturing a growth mindset:

  1. Accept Shortcomings and Weaknesses.No one is perfect and everyone can commit mistakes. Do not allow failures to engulf you but instead learn from these shortcomings. Failure means applying extra effort to improve results significantly. Develop persistence. Persistence is a person’s ability to persevere and conquer obstacles. It is a vital skill in life. Several Olympic athletes have developed this skill that led them to be successful in their sports.
  2. Focus on Learning and Growing.Enjoy life just like a child. Discover what life has to offer you and live in fascination and curiosity. Choose to focus on learning and growing continuously. Ask questions as there is nothing wrong with it. Be curious about the people you meet, discover what you can learn from them and embrace the journey they have been through in life.
  3. Believe in Your Skills and Talents.Create a new image of yourself. Be aware of your skills and talents and start believing in them. Know that these skills and talents can be polished through constant application. Start by identifying and understanding your primary strengths and weaknesses. Request your family members, closest friends, colleagues and superiors for feedback. Their opinions may vary but will give you a general perspective of what areas you should focus on and develop.
  4. Accept Challenges.Always challenge yourself. Stop shielding yourself from getting hurt or from failing. People who accept challenges push themselves forward to reach the top. Take risks and become enduring in mind and body. You must learn and take positive actions repeatedly.
  5. Love what You Are Doing.Loving what you do will help you reach your dreams inevitably. People with aspirations love and enjoy what they do. By putting your heart and soul in what you do, you will be able to face challenges and adversity ultimately.
  6. Be Diligent. Diligence is essential to becoming unrelenting and determined. Don’t ever give up; giving up means losing. Unrelenting and determined people will not stop until they achieve what they want. Without diligence, a person will continue to fail, slip and fall to pieces eventually. Olympic Gold medalists never give up, regardless of the hardships of training and failings. They simply keep going and were finally able to attain the gold medal they have been aiming for.
  7. Be Happy for the Success of People.Be genuinely happy with the success of your friends, family and colleagues. People who love and are happy for the success of other people get more inspiration. This drives them to persevere and continue with what they are doing and to get to the top. Sincere happiness and enjoyment for other people invite and bounce back to you.

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