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When Brendon Burchard, Dean Graziosi, and Ethan Willis came together to co-create, they knew it was something the world needed.

All of them have been wildly successful (gratefully) with their own companies and brands…

So why

It started at a moment when Brendon, Dean, and Ethan had just wrapped up a high-level mastermind that they were all in. When they were out for dinner the question was asked…

“What do you attribute your success to?”

All three of them shared their answers and realized that there were a lot of similarities:

  • “We invested time and money into finding the top experts in the areas that we wanted to grow in and got educated”
  • “We found coaches to help us stay accountable to who it was that we wanted to become and what we wanted to accomplish.”
  • “We went to a lot of events so that we could meet other like-minded people.”
  • “We are always looking for the next level of growth.”

And, here’s a big one: They also shared how they fumbled figuring everything out for the first time.  How they didn’t know where to find the right resources to get help…

Their growth would slow down when they didn’t know what the next best step was. They sometimes got bad advice from “self-proclaimed” experts that weren’t walking their own talk.

And this can lead to a very slippery slope.

It was in that moment that Brendon, Dean, and Ethan knew it was their job to help other’s achieve their own definition of success – and soon after, was born.

We are here for you. Now is your time.

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Growth Contributors

Dean Graziosi

Dean Graziosi

Dean Graziosi is one of the best success trainers of our generation. He’s a multiple New York Times bestselling author, entrepreneur, and expert trainer on LIVE TV and on stage, influencing millions with his success habits and education.


Brendon Burchard

Brendon Burchard is a #1 New York Times bestselling author, one of the most successful online instructors in history, and a Success Magazine Top 25 Most Influential Leader in Personal Growth with 3.9 Million Followers on Facebook.


Dr. Amen

Dr. Amen is a physician, double board certified psychiatrist and nine-time New York Times bestselling author. He is the lead researcher on the world’s largest brain imaging and rehabilitation studies.



JJ Virgin is one of the nation’s foremost nutrition experts. Her 25 years in the health and fitness industry, make her the go-to weight loss expert, through her sensible, no-fail approach to nutrition and fitness.

ethan willis

Ethan Willis

CEO of Growth, co-authored multiple #1 New York Times bestselling books, and he received the Entrepreneur of the Year award from Ernst & Young, 40 under 40, and was listed as a Top 100 venture-backed entrepreneur.


Trent Shelton

To some​ ​he’s a motivational speaker and t​o others​ ​​he’s a previous NFL football player, but to Trent Shelton, he’s just a man who wants to help lives. Trent reaches ​millions of people ​through daily messages and videos​.​